Cottage Garden APK Free Download

Download Cottage Garden android game for Free

Goal of the game – In house Garden, you contend within the art of horticulture. Plant 2 Flowerbeds with completely different flowers. Score every bed of flowers once there are not any a lot of free areas visible thereon, then exchange it for a brand new, unsown one. You receive points for all visible Flower Pots and Garden Cloches on the finished bed of flowers, and you’ll conjointly receive Flower Pots and Cats which will assist you with your horticulture.

The player with the foremost points at the top of the sport is that the winner.


• True digital conversion of Uwe Rosenbergs celebrated parlour game

• 2-4 players regionally, on-line or maybe cross-platform

• Family friendly – serene theme

• Worldwide stratified multiplayer and casual play together with your friends

• quick real time games or asynchronous games with twenty four hour limit per flip

• simple interactive tutorial to find out the sport from scratch

• Analyze your best games or learn tricks from the most effective with Playback

• three completely different pc opponents

• uses the latest rules of the parlour game

Download Game for Free


The Quest – Celtic Rift Android APK Free Download

The Quest – Celtic Rift is associate enlargement to the search, a fantastically hand-drawn open world role taking part in game with old style grid-based movement and switch primarily based combat.

After enabling  the enlargement, you’ll explore new areas and adventures. However, if you do not have the search, you’ll additionally play the enlargement as a standalone game.

You’ve received a letter from King Mersant bidding you travel desperately to the Islands of Lubdan within the distant country of Loegria. after you land, you discover out World Health Organization very summoned you there. Be prepared for journey. you may simply die, thus keep additional save files!

To access the new areas (not applicable if you’re taking part in the enlargement standalone), attend Matras harbor and see captain Verra, then choose “Celtic Rift” as your travel destination. It’s counseled you reach a minimum of level fifteen before taking up the challenges expose by this enlargement.

Download The Quest Celtic Rift.apk for Free –

Download The Pig Runner Android Game for Free

Paste your text here and click on “Next” to observe this text editor do it’s issue. 


 haven’t any text to check? haven’t any text to check? Click “Select Samples”.The which means of the game “The Pig – Runner” is that you just will run as so much as you’ll by not touching the every which way sorted boxes. easy graphics permit focusing solely on high result. Run as so much as you can!


No Ads!

No IAPs!

Funny pig!

Very easy graphics!

Very easy interface (UI)!

Swipe to leap and slide!

Endless running track!

Download The Pig Runner  for Free

Apprendre l’italien APK [Gratuitement]

Télécharger Apprendre l’italien android gratuitement


MosaLingua est une méthode efficace pour apprendre l’italien ou pour
améliorer votre niveau, même si vous ne pouvez y consacrer que quelques
minutes par jour. 

Notre appli pour apprendre l’italien a été
conçue sur la base d’études scientifiques éprouvées : un professeur a
supervisé notre équipe de polyglottes chevronnés.

Rendez-vous sur notre site pour visionner la démo :

leçons s’adaptent à chaque besoin : apprenez ou perfectionnez votre
italien, quel que soit votre niveau. Car vous apprendrez les 20% de
langue que vous utiliserez dans 80% des situations que vous

Pendant 2 mois, tout en consacrant quelques
minutes par jour, 5 ou 10 minutes par exemple, vous apprendrez pas à pas
vos cours d’italien, grâce à notre nouvelle méthode d’apprentissage.
Mémorisez sans efforts, 600 phrases clés et mots en seulement 2 mois (10
par jour pendant 60 jours) et allez peu à peu du niveau 0 au niveau 10.

MosaLingua, réussissez le Bac en italien, passez les diplômes comme le
CILS, CILP apprenez la langue italienne pour vos vacances ou pour des
besoins professionnels ou personnels. 

Baby Pics APK Free Download

Download Baby Pics android app for Free

Parents-to-be & new folks, Baby Pics app is formed for you! Capture precious gestation & baby milestone photos by marking them with superbly crafted design & customized text. Share & treasure forever! Capture your baby bump growth week by week, first kick, 1st smile, 1st steps, mussy moments or 1st day in class. Add lovely design & treasure the special moment forever. 

It’s straightforward

1) Snap the valuable moment because it happens or choose from camera roll

2) Add our lovely design 

3) Add text to change

4) Save & share! 

PP options (All swaddled up for you)

• MILESTONE design 

500+ superbly crafted design overlays to mark your very little ones exciting milestones & special moments. four hundred premium design overlays on the market to unlock

• customized TEXT 

Add sentimental text to change. choose from our lovely typography to jot down babies name, measurements, dates & quirks


Add beautiful filters to spotlight special moments 


Share your precious Baby Pics with friends and family in seconds via social media, text or email

Baby Pics.apk free download Link

Ultimate Savanna Simulator Android APK Free Download

Download Ultimate Savanna Simulator APK Game Free

Dash into a fresh journey as a lightning quick Acinonyx jubatus, huge Elephant, or a deadly Crocodile! For the primary time ever, choose between 10 playable ANIMALS! search out food on the sedgelike plains, raise your family, and unlock exciting new playable animals as you expertise life within the African savanna!

Brand New options

REALISTIC simulator

You’ll need to keep up your health, hunger, thirst, and energy whereas ruling over the African plains!

TEN playable ANIMALS

Choose from your favorite species of african animals in a very single game! Become a Acinonyx jubatus, Hyena, Gazelle, Rhinoceros, Zebra, Elephant, hippo, Crocodile, Vulture, and a Warthog! every species has their own families, experience, and levels!


Test your skills against SIX thrilling boss battles! an enormous tiger rules over the jungle oasis! A legendary animal awaits you within the sun soaked plains and can push your skills to their limits!


Dominate different animals or bring them a treat to recruit them to your family! customise and play as any animal in your pack and make a robust family!

Download Ultimate Savanna Simulator.apk game for Free –

Download Snow Leopard Simulator android apk free

Enter into the geographic region and live the lifetime of a Snow Leopard! Explore an enormous chain of mountains crammed with violent carnivores and exotic animals of all shapes and sizes. Raise your family, complete all-new missions, and battle for your life against fierce predators like snowy owls, tibetan wolves, and siberian tigers!

+ REALISTIC machine – you will need to take care of your health, hunger, thirst, and energy if you are going to survive within the hostile mountains of the Himalayas!

+ EPIC BATTLES – Use your razor sharp claws and powerful bite to hunt and fight dangerous exotic animals! Deliver the killing blow by like an expert stalking and pouncing on your prey! 

+ begin YOUR PACK – realize up to three different wild snow leopards to bond with and lift your terribly own family! Breed leopard cubs and watch them grow in size and strength whereas they assist you survive within the wilderness!

+ LEVEL UP YOUR LEOPARD – Gain expertise by defeating dangerous predators, ingestion tiny critters, and finishing missions. Level up your leopards to extend their health and attack injury, unlock new coats, and gain new powers like hiding Mode!

+ MISSIONS AND ACHIEVEMENTS – Introducing unlimited missions and over twenty-four achievements to grant you a lift of experience! With the extent cap inflated to two hundred, you’ll would like all the assistance you’ll be able to get!

+ geographic region SURVIVAL GUIDE – Look to your handy survival guide for data on enemy life, a map of the range of mountains mountains, big cat customizations, and far more!

Download now

Snow Leopard Simulator.apk is fully cracked and free to download.The game has all the original features. Enjoy!

Download Ninja Village Android APK Free

Download Ninja Village Android APK Game for Free 

Rewrite the history of structure Japan with a military of the final word guerrilla warriors: ninjas!

The potentate has fallen from power, plunging the land into chaos as feuding structure lords scramble to require his place. however the potentate has Associate in Nursing ace up his sleeve: you! because the head of a number one ninja kin group, it’s up to you to rally your followers and facilitate unify Japan!

As their fearless leader, you’ll have to coach your fellow ninjas within the ways that of recent 16th-century warfare–including the utilization of these new musket guns! Assign them to foot, cavalry, and alternative units to create a military appropriate a shogun!

Of course, war is expensive in additional ways that than one. Between battles, your followers can raise funds by manufacturing food, handicrafts, and alternative merchandise to sell to passing travellers.

The game is fully cracked and has all the original game’s features.Enjoy it for free at!

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